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Senior Fellow Sean Collins is a tutor (professor) at Thomas Aquinas College, and former tutor at St. John's College, Santa Fe. Curriculum Vitae: B.A., Thomas Aquinas College, 1979; M.A., Université Laval, 1982; Ph.D., Université Laval, 1987; Foundation de l’Université Laval Fellow, 1982–1984; Teaching Assistant in Philosophy, Université Laval, 1985–1987; Tutor, St. John’s College (Santa Fe), 1987–1994; Tutor, St. John’s College Graduate Institute (Santa Fe), 1990, 1992–1993; Tutor, Thomas Aquinas College, 1994–. Publications “Animals, Inertia, and the Concept of Force,” The Aquinas Review (Vol. 15, 2008) “The Heritage of Analytic Philosophy,” The Aquinas Review (Vol. 10, 2003) Translation of DeKoninck’s On the Primacy of the Common Good and The Principle of the New Order,” The Aquinas Review (Vol. 4, 1997)

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