The Charles De Koninck Project



David J. Quackenbush, Founder

David Quackenbush has been a Tutor at Thomas Aquinas College since 1991. He graduated from Thomas Aquinas College in 1988, and received a Master’s Degree in Philosophy from the University of Notre Dame in 1991, studying under Ralph McInerny. His interest in Charles De Koninck began in 1988, while he was a senior at Thomas Aquinas, when he learned that De Koninck had been the principal intellectual influence on the founders of the College. Once at Notre Dame, he began the project of collecting, transcribing and translating De Koninck’s texts that has continued ever since. The highlight of the Notre Dame years was a week-long trip to Quebec, made possible by Ralph McInerny and Thomas De Koninck, to hand-photocopy almost 10,000 pages of original material from the Charles De Koninck archive at the University of Laval. This material, along with the widely scattered published work of De Koninck, is the basis of the Charles De Koninck Project. David lives in Ojai, California, with his wife Maureen and the 8 of their 11 children who are not (yet) attending Thomas Aquinas.


Dr. Matthew J. Peterson, Executive Director


Matthew Peterson graduated from Thomas Aquinas College in 2001, where he first encountered Charles De Koninck’s writings. He began reading De Koninck’s unpublished work while attending classes at Claremont Graduate University, where he received his PhD (dissertation on the notion of the common or public good in the ratification debates).  While completing coursework at Claremont Graduate University he taught at nearby Azusa Pacific University. He has worked for a think tank and a research institute at Claremont McKenna College as well as private consulting firms specializing in politics and education.  He, his wife, and three children live in Claremont, California.

John Brungardt, Editor-in-Chief

John Brungardt’s studies led him to the pursuit of philosophy at the Catholic University of America, where he received a doctorate in philosophy in 2016. His dissertation explores Charles De Koninck’s philosophy of nature and science. His undergraduate alma mater is Thomas Aquinas College. He continues to study philosophy and is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Philosophy at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. His interest in following St. Thomas Aquinas, Aristotle, and their heirs, including De Koninck, is to take particular care to bring their insights into critical and meaningful dialogue with modern theories.


Marina Olson, Managing Editor

Marina Olson is a graduate of both Thomas Aquinas College, where she received a B.A. in Liberal Arts, and of Ave Maria University, where she received an M.A. in Theology. At both schools, she was deeply influenced by her exposure to the works of Charles De Koninck. She helps to spread the discussion of these texts to a broader audience on via various forms of media, to all who are interested in the question of the common good, the order of the science, the role of theology and philosophy in modern scientific and political understanding, the influence of such ideas on aesthetics, and the composition of the cosmos in which we find ourselves. Marina currently lives and teaches in Fresno, California.


Board of Advisers

Thomas A. CavanaughProfessor of Philosophy at the University of San Francisco.

Jude P. DoughertyDean Emeritus of the school of philosophy at the Catholic University of America, editor of The Review of Metaphysics.

Edward Feserauthor, Professor of Philosophy at Pasadena City College.

Robert Godwin, licensed clinical psychologist, author, and independent scholar.

Thomas S. Hibbsauthor, Distinguished Professor of Ethics & Culture and Dean of the Honors College at Baylor University.

Christopher Kaczorauthor and Professor of Philosophy at Loyola Marymount University.

Thomas De KoninckProfessor Emeritus of Philosophy at the Universite Laval.

Daniel McInerny, Professor of Philosophy turned author.

Michael F. McLeanPresident and tutor at Thomas Aquinas College.

Jane NemcovaChief Sales Officer at Moravia IT.

Michael PakalukauthorProfessor and Chair of the Department of Philosophy at Ave Maria University.

Mark RylandChief Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services; President & Senior Fellow, Institute for the Study of Nature; and frequent speaker on issues of science and religion.

Michael Waldsteinauthor, Max Seckler Professor of Theology at Ave Maria University.

Fr. Sebastian Walshe, Professor of Philosophy, Norbertine Canon of the Abbey of St. Michael in the Diocese of Orange, California.